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Gorgeous Guide: We Tried It-Lash Tinting

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Back in the late ’90s, when most of us were still trying to shake off the flannel shirts and lower-maintenance looks of the “grunge” era, Mary Tujaka of CC Salon and Spa in Westlake was performing her first lash tints.

Ten years later, she’s an old pro, while the girls in the office are just starting to buzz about the procedure. Who better to go to for my first experience?

The lash tint took about 10 minutes, and can last from four to six weeks. For the next two months, I don’t have to worry about raccoon eyes, clumpy mascara or reapplying.

Tujaka applied black vegetable dye (much safer than the old ammonia-based hair dyes) to my top and bottom lashes with a disposable mascara brush, and they’re noticeably darker now. She knows how to give a great, relaxing lash tint: dimmed lighting, Zen music and a personal, trustworthy demeanor.

The Stats: Lash tint: $20, CC Salon and Spa, 1650 Crossings Parkway, Unit A, Westlake; (440) 835-3200.

    Susan Hunter

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