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Hair Products

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CC Salon & Spa is proud to use and sell the industry's finest products from the most celebrated brands, designed for the optimum health and beauty of your hair.

  • Aquage


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    Aquage, ultra light hair care products blend the best of science and sea - combining today's most advanced hair care technology with the healing benefits of Algaeplex® sea botanicals found in each Aquage product. Nurture, hydrate, strengthen and protect your hair with Aquage. Visit Aquage at for more information on the innovative products available at CC Salon.

  • Moroccanoil


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    Moroccanoil® has become a haircare industry sensation embraced by celebrities, runway stylists and women all over the world. They have perfected the Moroccanoil Treatment and extended the line to include solutions for every hair need. The formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger with each use. Visit the Moroccanoil website »

  • Paul Brown


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    Paul Brown's products contain the purest, natural extracts, combined with current technology to reveal your hidden beauty.  Paul has combined the science of nature with the essence of Hawaii to develop unique salon and spa services to calm texture or create curls for all hair types. Visit the Paul Brown website »

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